Connected to spirit

I invite sacred transformation

Embracing the oneness of all creation


Claremont, Cape Town, 7700, South Africa

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Ekta means "Oneness" and it reflects the interconnectedness of all that exists; of the relation between stuck emotional energy and dis-eases. My focus is on empowering clients while facilitating healing. I continue to grow and learn everyday from workshops, courses, healing spirits and from the clients themselves. I am humbled to be doing this work and see it as a calling and a service.

I have a B.Sc (Zoology and Marine Biology), am Certified as a Clinical Microbiologist and as a Microsoft Trainer and I have an MBA (HR). I have been initiated into Kriya Yoga, have practiced yoga, meditation and mantra chanting since childhood. I have  received Reiki II attunement, the Munay Ki rights and an international certificate in Hypnosis Therapy. I am an internationally certified Energy Healer (School of Intuition and Healing) and a graduate of the Foundation of Shamanic Studies comprehensive Advanced 3-year Shamanic Training Course. I have also attended up to Module II of Life Alignment as well as the Home Alignment and Vortex courses. I am a certified Meditation Yoga Teacher (200H) and have also completed the Monroe Institute's Gateway Program. Much of my time is spent on my personal spiritual development in India and Nepal.

I continue to regularly partake in Sweat Lodges, Drumming Circles, Vision Quests and various Meditation Programs including  Stargate Meditation.